Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Business Partners,

managing a family business, successfully aligning it and keeping it on course is a life’s work.
I have been able to master this task with passion and entrepreneurial spirit for 30 years.

In addition to my family, there are the many employees who have successfully walked this path with me.

German SMEs thrive on their innovative strength and the commitment of motivated
entrepreneurs. For this reason, I am very pleased that the next generation of Kämper are about to start.

It fills me and my wife with pride that our son Yanik Müchler will take over the management as of January 01, 2021
and that our son Sven Müchler will also take up his position in the company.
With this handover, our sons will lead the company, which was founded in 1888, into the fifth generation.

Of course, I will continue to support my sons in an advisory capacity.
I already set the course for this change last year. A strong team
of commercial and technical management is behind this new generation.

We are looking forward to the future together with you as a reliable partner.

Thomas Müchler


f.l. Yanik Müchler, Thomas Müchler, Sven Müchler