Parts are made to custom design from drawings, from very small quantities to industrial mass application, pursuant to standards, in a wide range. We supply components in accordance with customer requirements, with a special or knurled surface, and with a range of head forms, such as ring, eyelet, hook, triangle or ligature.

Screws, bolts and axles from 1.5 mm to 12 mm can be made with lengths of up to 397 mm; customer lengths available on request (also on request with lock serrations). Knurled axles (knurling either DIN or to customer requirements),

threads of M2 to M12 made of plastic or wood or with rolled thread, thick or thin shafts.

Ligatures with threads of M2 to M8, or wooden thread with or without weld warts.

Rivets and pins with diameters of 1.2 mm to 10 mm, with or without bevelling. Also knurled (knurling either DIN or to customer requirements).